What John Offers – Preaching from the Culture

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Written by John Bowen, to introduce John van Sloten

How in the world do you connect to a cynical, skeptical, and apathetic post-modern world?  Can a sermon ever be a relevant tool in addressing today’s post-Christian context?  Is there any way to effectively resurrect, remake, and re-invigorate how we deliver God’s unchanging gospel message to a spiritual searching world? 

For the past 10 years, John has been actively engaging these questions in his ministry . Through the process of planting this new community, he’s re-discovered a “brand new/centuries old” way to bridge the gap; “Start with where God is already at work in people’s lives!   Believe that God is already active in the movies, songs, sports, arts, science, work, news and history of everyday life.”

John offers a day long workshop on Preaching to a Post Modern Culture. Starting with an outline of the underlying theology, he’ll then teach a methodology for engaging and exegeting contemporary culture.  

Visit the church’s website at www.newhopechurch.ca and see what this is all about, listen to a message or two, and ask if this kind of preaching can work for you. You can also read a sermon of his, based on the movie Crash, and published in good idea! a couple of years back.

Written by John Bowen, to introduce John van Sloten


John was the founding pastor of New Hope Christian Reformed Church in Calgary AB ten years ago. There (among other ministries) he has pioneered preaching “from the culture”, including rock music, movies, and current issues.

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