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“Decline is not the only option . . . . I was profoundly heartened by the hope for the future that was envisioned, outlined and encouraged by the MSM program.  The humour, grace, witness and example of experienced church planters provided our group with the rationale, tools and
confidence to move ahead.”

Diane Walker, United Church of Canada pastor, Niagara

“The MSM course was a great place to renew vision, dream, plan and strategize and refocus what church could look like. I would highly recommend this course for individuals and teams who have a heart for mission and their world.”

Beth Fellinger, Christian Reformed church planter, St. Thomas, Ontario

“Taking the MSM course has given my colleague and me knowledge, confidence and encouragement to start a fresh expression of ministry.”

Jonathon Connell, Anglican priest, Edmonton, Alberta

“In my experience MSM is one of those all too rare spaces where leaders can explore the “How to’s and how not to’s” of birthing fresh expressions of church, develop a renewed sense of their own authentic evangelism in a setting aware of the range of theological traditions in the mainstream church, connect their learning with hands-on-experience, develop supportive networks of the growing company of those responding to this new call and ground all of it in the Trinitarian God who fuels our mission.”

Rob Dalgleish, United Church of Canada, Toronto

“Another student from last year’s class and I started up a fresh expression during last year’s course, and we are continuing it this year, as we are just starting to reach some unchurched and dechurched people. MSM will have been a very central course among my theological degrees in terms of the effect it will have had on my understanding of what ministry is, what the priesthood is, and what being a follower of Jesus of Nazareth really is.”

Jeff Stone, Night Church, Toronto

“The MSM course enabled us to move beyond just being passionate about the possibility of a plant.  We learned of successes and  failures; we met church planters and made connections across denominational lines. It was a blessing to witness all that God is doing in the Church and to the possibilities that lie ahead.”

Beverley and Graham Williams, Anglican priest and layperson, Brooklyn, Ontario

“I found the MSM course incredibly helpful.  It helped me clarify my own role in the church planting process and gave me a range of insights that I was able to adapt to my own context.  It also gave us the tools to evaluate what we were doing in order to iron out those things that would have limited the projects we were involved in.  As somebody who has been involved in church planting in three countries I would suggest that this is a great learning opportunity for those who as seasoned ministers as much as it is for those exploring new forms of ministry and church planting for the first time.”  

Simon Bell, Anglican priest, St George the Martyr, Toronto,

“MSM is a course that both inspires and encourages fresh ways of bringing the Gospel to the world by equipping and encouraging the saints in doing creative Kingdom work. I loved the course.”

Paul Ranson, Anglican priest, St. John, New Brunswick

“I enrolled in the Mission Shaped Ministry course because I am interested in different and creative ways of sharing the Gospel. Taking the MSM course has given me (and my colleague) knowledge, confidence and encouragement to start a fresh expression of ministry.”

Jon Dykeman, Anglican, St. John, New Brunswick

“There are no gimmicks or sexy solutions here only humble and prayerful inquiry into the “sent-ness” of the church and what this means for our life together to the glory of God.  I now feel better equipped and hopeful for the task that lies ahead.” 

Jonathan Turtle, Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, Toronto

“MSM was an excellent experience. It brought together people who were involved in missional churches to tell us about their experiences. It was real and it was practical.”

Arthur Dyck, Anglican, Edmonton.

“I would highly recommend the MSM course for anyone who wishes to engage with fellow Christians in what God is trying to birth in our Western 21st-century church and society. It provides helpful cultural analysis, solid exploration of our biblical/theological roots, a serious engagement of what mission means today, practical suggestions from church planting practitioners as well as a wonderful opportunity to share and discern together how the Holy Spirit is calling us to embody the gospel today. Regardless of your role in the church – pastor, layperson, church planter – there’s a banquet of material and ideas in this course. I commend Wycliffe College for offering this to the wider church.”

John Lawson, United Church church planter, Guelph

“Toronto Mission Shaped Ministry course is definite must for your fall “to do” list. The dynamic mix of teaching, excellent guest speakers, interesting group conversation, video clips and prayer opened my mind to many new ideas.”

Ann Krueger,  Lutheran pastor, Barrie, Ontario

“I learned strategies about how to deal with the baggage of the dechurched and moreover how to make Church relevant for a world that is essentially unchurched. I found the required readings were also pertinent and thought provoking. Having a team in place to share the work of a new church plant is vital and I wish the rest of the team I belonged to could have shared the course with me and preferably before we had started our project!”

Barbara Jenkins – Anglican layperson, Toronto

For details of this year’s course, including dates and costs, click here.  


John Bowen was Professor of Evangelism and Director of the Institute of Evangelism at Wycliffe College from 1997 till 2013, and then Director of Wycliffe Serves! until 2016. Now retired, he is happily engaged in preaching, teaching, mentoring and writing. John is married to Deborah, an English professor. They have two adult children and four grandchildren.

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