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Available as a PDF This Article is from the Fall 2005 edition of good idea!, also available here in a fully formatted PDF file.

For churches to thrive in a post-Christian culture, at least two things are needed.

They need clear leadership to help them switch from maintenance mode to understand and focus their calling to mission.

Good pastoral leadership can make the difference. Secondly, many congregations are still nervous about evangelism, but need to recapture a healthy understanding of evangelism if they are to shape their communal life to minister to the needs of the spiritually hungry.

Judy offers three presentations to address these twin issues of leadership and evangelism.

They can be combined in different ways to suit the requirements of the hosting group. Each presentation is self-contained, and can form a half-day workshop. Or the three can be run consecutively to create a one-day workshop. In either format, the goal is to encourage and strengthen clergy and other leaders in their leadership role, and to offer an understanding of leadership and evangelism which is stretching but which has integrity.

The workshop’s narrative style examines such issues as: the transformative nature of the Gospel, the key tasks of effective leadership, the unique challenges and possibilities for ministry in today’s culture, and strategies for building or rebuilding compelling and passionate communities of faith.


Judy Paulsen is the Director of the Institute of Evangelism. She serves on the faculty of Wycliffe as Professor of Evangelism, where she teaches on the relationship between the gospel, church and culture, organizational change, and both corporate & individual evangelism. She serves the broader church by teaching at conferences and retreats across Canada. Her research into the discipleship of people through a multigenerational form of worship was included as a chapter in Messy Church Theology, published in the UK in 2013. More recently, Judy served as a co-author of "Invited", a study series for churches encouraging an invitational sharing of the gospel, published by the Diocese of Toronto in 2015.

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