What’s so Special about Jesus? Compared with Buddha, Muhammad, Socrates and Zoroaster

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So Special About Jesus

The author, a history professor specializing in ancient religions, compares these five famous spiritual guides–their lives, their teaching, their deaths, and the claims their followers made about them–and shows how the claims made about Jesus are significantly different from the others. You do not have to agree with Yamauchi to appreciate the uniqueness of Jesus.


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Edwin M. Yamauchi is Professor of History at Miami University, Ohio. His books include Persia and the Bible, Greece and Babylon, The Scriptures and Archaeology and Pre-Christian Gnosticism. He has been a member and officer of the Institute for Biblical Research, an organization of scholars devoted to the research of the Bible.


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    Duke Vipperman
    March 25, 2008

    I would be delighted to see Edwin M Yamauchi do more work like this; perhaps taking on aspects of other major religious movements.

    For example, what of Confucius who like Buddha is seen as the founder of another secular religion, or that is a religion with God? Sikh’s claim to be the 5th largest religion in the world. Some comparison and contrasts with Christianity could help us with conversations with Sikhs.

    Could Edwin help Westerners better comprehend Mormonism or us all to understand what is at stake with Scientology.

    I do find the choice of Zoroaster to be fascinating; both because of the relatively very small size of present-day Zoroastrianism; but also because of the possibilities of how Zoroaster may have so influenced the Persian people, that they would feel inclined under (possibly Zoroastrian) Cyrus to send the Jewish monotheists home from exile. What a wonder of God’s grace!

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    Duke Vipperman
    March 26, 2008

    Hey! We’re in Wikipedia! Well, at least Dr. Edwin M Yamauchi is


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