God and The Simpsons: The Spirituality of Springfield

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“The Simpsons” is arguably the most religious as well as the most popular show on television. Gerry Bowler looks at spiritual themes from the show, and illustrates what the Simpsons have to teach us about such things as faith, prayer, hypocrisy, belonging, church going, and figuring out the meaning of life. 

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Gerry Bowler is an historian with eclectic interests. His writings range from academic texts on sixteenth-century Europe to musings on the dangers of the Teletubbies. He is the only historian whose work is included in both The Encyclopedia of the Renaissance and The Encyclopedia of Popular Culture. He has published articles on Wayne Gretzky, the Spice Girls, television evangelists and Emperor Charles V. His most recent work is the massive World Encyclopedia of Christmas. He lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba with his wife and daughters.

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